Substituting Dried Dill for Fresh Dillweed in Recipes

Substituting dried dill for fresh dillweed

Can you use dried dill as a substitute for fresh dillweed? Most foodies agree that it is best not to substitute dried dill for fresh dill as the flavor of fresh dillweed is far superior. Fortunately, fresh dill can be found in most large supermarkets year-round, and many other fresh herbs can be substituted for this aromatic annual herb when it is not readily available.

However, in case you cannot get fresh dill or other fresh herbs, you can use dried dill as a substitute provided that you use the appropriate conversion ratio. You can use the following "fresh to dried dill" conversion ratio as a general guideline when substituting dried dill for chopped fresh dill in potato or fish dishes or in dips and salad dressings:

3 teaspoons fresh equals 1 teaspoon dried

Keep in mind that the above formula is only a rule of thumb. The optimum amounts can vary significantly depending on how long you have been storing your dried dill and how long the packet has been open.

As mentioned earlier, it is best not to substitute dried dill for fresh dill weed if fresh sprigs are available, or if you can use another fresh herb as a substitute. Herbs that are often substituted for fresh dill include tarragon, which is well suited for sauces that accompany seafood dishes, and fennel fronds, which look a lot like dill and are therefore an ideal substitute in recipes that use dill as a garnishing element.

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