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Food Processor with a Spiralizer Attachment: The Ninja AMZ012BL

Food Processor with Spiralizer
The Ninja AMZ012BL, available here through Amazon, is one of the first food processors with a spiralizer attachment

A multi-functional food processor with an array of different blades can make a real difference for a busy home cook with limited kitchen space. In this review, we take a look at one of the most versatile food processors, the Ninja AMZ012BL. Equipped with a whole host of different attachments and blades including a spiralizer attachment, this 4-in-1 food processor can be used to make everything from bread doughs to spiralized vegetables.

So, whether you are looking to buy a food processor with a spiralizer blade, or whether you are just curious about what this ingenious kitchen gadget can do, read on.

Ninja AMZ012BL: A 4-in-1 Kitchen System

1. It's a Food Processor

The food processor attachment of the Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen System makes meal prep fast and easy. This attachment comes with two interchangeable blades: a chopping blade and a kneading blade. The chopping blade can be used to chop, mix and puree a variety of foods, while the kneading blade, as its name suggests, turns your favorite bread ingredients into dough in a matter of minutes. What's also great is that the key parts of this, and all the other attachments that come with your Ninja AMZ012BL, are BPA-free as well as dishwasher-safe.

2. It's a Spiralizer

Spiralizing is one of the most exciting ways to prepare vegetables, and with the modern motor-operated spiralizers, you can turn zucchini into zoodles and other vegetables into beautiful veggie spirals in no time. However, when it comes to multi-functionality and versatility, spiralizers pale in comparison with food processors. Indeed, even if you get one of the best electric spiralizers, you won't be able to do much more than turn firm vegetables and fruits into pasta-like strips, though some of the more advanced electric spiralizers, such as NutriBullet's Veggie Bullet, also slice and grate vegetables. However, if you want a spiralizer that also chops, kneads, blends and crushes foods, then the Ninja AMZ012BL should definitely be on your shortlist.

3. It's a High-Speed Blender

While it's possible to make smoothies using the food processor attachment of the Ninja AMZ012BL, it's better to use the dedicated blender attachment for blending smoothies and other drinks. The blender attachment uses high-speed technology, which means your drinks will turn out extra smooth. An added bonus: the Ninja AMZ012BL blends directly into a to-go cup which you can take along to the office, school or gym—just remember to replace the blender blade assembly with the spout lid if you want to take your drink to go!

4. It's an Ice Crusher

The crushing attachment of the Ninja AMZ012BL consists of a pitcher and a stacked blade designed to pulverize ice and frozen ingredients. This attachment is perfect for making margaritas and frozen desserts, but it can also be used to puree non-frozen ingredients.

Where to Get the Ninja AMZ012BL?

Whether you're simply looking for a food processor with a spiralizer blade, or whether you're looking for a multi-functional kitchen appliance that blends, crushes, purees, chops, kneads and spiralizes foods, the Ninja AMZ012BL Kitchen System has what you need. Click here to learn more about the Ninja AMZ012BL, or order it right away on Amazon.

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