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How to Freeze Fresh Ginger (and Why You Should Do It)

Not only is ginger good for you, it is also an incredible versatile ingredient that can be used in everything from stir-fries to smoothies to soups. If you have a lot of fresh ginger root on hand, you might want to freeze some (or all) of it as it doesn't store very well on the countertop or even in the fridge. Read on to learn more.

Why Store Ginger Root in the Freezer?

An effective way to store the (inevitable) surplus

Fresh ginger is usually sold in quantities much larger than your average home cook will ever use at one time. This means that unless you use fresh ginger on a daily basis, you'll likely end up having some fresh ginger root sitting in your fridge. Unfortunately, however, fresh ginger doesn't have a very long shelf life when stored in the fridge. Fresh ginger stored in the freezer, on the other hand, can keep for months.

Frozen ginger will grate smoothly

What's more, it's much easier to grate and prepare frozen ginger than its fresh counterpart. Even when using a sharp microplane grater, fresh ginger tends to get hung up in the peeler. Grate frozen ginger and you won't have the same problem – just a perfect pile of grated ginger root!

Use what you need, whenever you need it

Yet another great thing about storing ginger root in the freezer is that you can use as much – or as little – as you need. Just pull it out of the freezer when you need it, use what you need without allowing the knob to thaw, and put the unused portion back into the freezer.

How to Freeze Fresh Ginger Root

Freezing Ginger

The basic method

The process is shockingly easy. Unlike most fresh foods, ginger root doesn't have to be blanched before freezing. You don't even have to peel it before putting it into the freezer, although some people prefer to peel it fresh rather than frozen. The easiest way to freeze fresh ginger root is to freeze it in large chunks, and then grate or mince the frozen pieces using a microplane grater when you need it for soups, stews, stir-fries, smoothies and other dishes. Note that you should not refreeze ginger once it has been thawed.

The ice cube tray method

If you're a fan of ginger tea or another gingery treat that always calls for a specific amount of ginger, you might want to freeze ginger in handy single servings. This is how: First, cut fresh ginger root into thin slices and arrange the slices in a BPA-free ice cube tray, with each compartment containing enough ginger for one serving of tea, or whatever you intend to use the ginger for. Next, place the ice cube tray in the freezer for a few hours, or until the slices in each compartment stick together. Pop out the cubes, place them in a freezer-safe food container, and put the container immediately in the freezer. Reach for the cubes when needed.

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