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Guide to Preventing Gastric Cancer

How to Prevent Gastric Cancer Through Dietary Modification

The impact of dietary habits on a person's risk of developing gastric cancer is significant. From avoiding nitrate-containing foods to drinking green tea, there are numerous dietary habits that have been shown to prevent gastric cancer. Here you will find a whole host of resources aimed at people who are interested in learning how to prevent gastric cancer through dietary modification.

Gastric cancer, also known as stomach cancer, affects the tissues of the stomach. It is the fourth most common cancer, with nearly one million new cases diagnosed worldwide each year. Gastric cancer develops when the cells lining the inside of the stomach begin to grow in an uncontrolled manner and outlive normal cells. Through a process known as metastasis, gastric cancer may also spread from the stomach to other organs.

There are certain hereditary, environmental and lifestyle factors that can increase a person's risk of getting gastric cancer. These include being a male over 55 years of age, having had a helicobacter pylori infection, and being a smoker. For a list of other risk factors, check out the Stomach Cancer Q&A.

Those that are at an increased risk of developing gastric cancer may want to take preventive measures to offset the increased risk. One way to do this is to adopt dietary habits that may help prevent gastric cancer. To help you get started, we have created this online Guide to Preventing Gastric Cancer Through Dietary Modification. Whether you are interested in general diet tips on how to prevent gastric cancer, or whether you are on a quest for healthy recipes featuring stomach cancer fighting foods, be sure to check out the main sections of this guide for inspiration: