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Nutrition Guide to Treating Eczema

How to Heal Eczema Naturally Through Diet

Your one-stop resource for everything you need for treating eczema (dermatitis) naturally, including diet tips, food recommendations and recipes for people with eczema.

What is This Guide?

This Nutrition and Diet Guide for People with Eczema aims to provide eczema sufferers with extensive information and tips on how to prevent eczema flare-ups and heal the symptoms at home through appropriate nutrition. The page you are currently viewing is the home page of the guide — all the latest diet/cooking tips and articles are published here. Other sections of this guide focus on providing information on the most important dietary factors and foods for those who want to embrace a natural approach to healing eczema symptoms. This guide also includes a collection of recipes designed for eczema sufferers. Use the menu on the right to navigate this guide.

What is Eczema?

Eczema (also known as dermatitis) is a group of skin conditions that cause dry, itchy inflammation of the skin. An estimated 15 million people in the United States have some form of eczema. It is more common in children under school age, and in many cases the disease clears or even disappears with age. However, some people will have some form of eczema throughout their lives.

Eczema flare-ups are associated with an abnormal response of the body's immune system. In people with eczema, the body's inflammatory response to irritating substances overacts, causing the itching and inflammation associated with the condition. However, what causes this abnormal reaction is not known. There is also no known cure for the disease. However, there are several treatments that can control the symptoms. Many people find relief by moisturizing their skin frequently, reducing stress, and avoiding harsh soaps and detergents. Also a number of nutritional factors (the topic of this online guide) may help control eczema breakouts.

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