Guide to Healing Canker Sores

How to Heal and Prevent Canker Sores With Food

Looking for home remedies for canker sores? Head to the kitchen! There are plenty of all-natural food remedies that can be used to both heal and prevent canker sores – small lesions or ulcers that occur on the inside the mouth.

Canker sores, known as aphthous ulcers in the medical community, typically occur under or on the tongue, inside the cheeks or lips, or at the base of the gums. They are neither contagious nor dangerous, but they can be very painful and make eating and talking difficult. They are one of the most common disorders of the mouth, causing great discomfort to millions of people around the world. Luckily, most canker sores disappear within a week or two. However, if you have had one, you are likely to get another one.

Canker sores should not be confused with the contagious cold sores (fever blisters) which occur outside the mouth, typically on the lips.

If you are prone to getting canker sores, you may benefit from making some modifications to your diet. This online Guide to Canker Sore Remedies will provide you with tips on how to prevent and get rid of canker sores naturally by making smart food choices. To learn all about nutritional factors that can help prevent canker sores naturally, check out the diet, food and recipe sections of this Guide: