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Guide to Losing Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat With Diet: Tips, Tricks and More!

Are you looking for effective ways to lose stubborn body fat around the waistline? Here you will find a whole slew of resources for people who want to lose belly fat, from diet tips and food lists to healthy "anti belly fat" recipes.

Did you know that an effective weight loss diet that targets belly fat will not only help you get those flat abs that you've always dreamed of, it may also prolong your life! Visceral abdominal fat – a type of belly fat that is stored between your organs – has been linked to metabolic problems and increased risk for cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.

The purpose of HealWithFood.org's Guide to Effective Belly Fat Loss is to provide you with nutrition and diet related advice and tips that can help you harness the fat burning power of specific nutrients and foods. To reap the full benefits of your flat abs diet, combine it with a healthy dose of regular exercise. Aerobic training such as brisk walking, running on a threadmill or outside in nature, swimming, and riding a bike are all good ways to accelerate belly fat loss.

In addition to aerobic exercise, however, you might want to incorporate sit-ups and other types of weight training targeting your abdominal area into your flat abs plan. Targeted weight training can help you build strong abdominal muscles which will create that ripped six pack or washboard look that is coveted by so many men and women around the world.

So, are you ready to say good-bye to those love handles? The diet, food and recipe sections of this guide will help you get started on your path to successful belly fat loss – and guide you throughout the process: