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Abdominal Fat Burning Recipes

Wondering how to create delicious abdominal fat burning dishes that can help you lose stubborn belly fat without compromising your health? This section of our Nutrition Guide to Losing Abdominal Fat provides dozens of exciting recipes that call for foods rich in nutrients that are thought to be particularly beneficial for those who want to lose belly fat. In addition to containing belly fat burning nutrients and phytochemicals such as vitamin D, chromium, calcium, pectin, vitamin C, zinc, and capsaicin, the recipes included in this section are usually low in calories and/or have a low glycemic index (GI) rating. If you're not familiar with how specific fat loss nutrients, low glycemic ingredients and low calorie foods help burn belly fat, you may want to take a look at the diet section of this guide before diving into the belly fat burning recipes in this section.

If you are already familiar with the guidelines of the abdominal fat burning diet, go ahead and start browsing the recipes in this section. To get started, simply select one of the recipe categories below.