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Guide to Healthy Nails

How to Fix Nail Problems Through Nutrition

Did you know that nail problems are often caused by an inadequate intake of certain nutrients? In such cases, getting strong and healthy fingernails and toenails may be as easy as adding foods rich in nail health promoting nutrients to your daily diet. In this online guide, you will learn how to grow strong and healthy nails naturally through nutrition.

Strong, beautiful nails are a symbol of overall health. In addition to contributing to your appearance, nails also protect the nerve-rich fingertips and tips of the toes from injury. Nails, which are actually part of your skin, are made primarily of keratin, a type of protein (the same protein hair is made of). The nail bed is the part of skin upon which the nails grow. Under normal conditions, nails grow 0.05 to 1.2 millimeters each week. Fingernails grow faster than toenails and nails on the middle fingers grow the fastest. Nails also grow faster in summer and during pregnancy.

Nails are known to be sensitive to environmental factors, physical damage, and poor nutrition. If nails do not get sufficient nourishment from the inside, nail growth may slow down. Furthermore, a poor diet can lead to other nail problems such as dry or brittle nails, horizontal or vertical ridges on nails, curved nail ends, darkened nails, splitting nails, washboard ridges, hangnails, white bands or spots on nails, and abnormalities in nail color. To achieve and maintain strong, glossy nails, your best bet is to follow a well balanced, wholesome diet.

The purpose of this online guide is to provide information about how nutrition affects nail health. To get started on your path to growing healthier nails, check out the diet, food and recipe sections of this guide below.