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Review of NutriBullet Balance, the Smart Nutrient Extractor with Bluetooth

Meet the NutriBullet Balance, a smart nutrient extractor that has a built-in scale and a Bluetooth connection. With the NutriBullet Balance blender and its companion app, available for iOS and Android, you can build NutriBlast smoothies that have been customized to meet your dietary preferences and needs.

How it Works

NutriBullet Balance

Before you start using the NutriBullet Balance, you should get the Balance App. The App is available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices, and you can download it in the Apple App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded and installed the App on your smart phone or tablet, you can launch it, and it will quickly connect via Bluetooth.

The App lets you choose your eating style, with options such as low-sugar, dairy-free, and paleo. Based on your tastes, nutrition goals and dietary restrictions, the App will search its database of hundreds of recipes, and show you recipes that match your preferences. In addition to smoothies, the database contains recipes for soups, desserts, dips, and other liquid meals and snacks. Each recipe is accompanied with nutritional information, including calories, protein, carbs, sugar, and fiber.

After choosing a recipe, you can place the blending cup on the NutriBullet Balance and start adding ingredients per the App's instructions. The built-in scale of the blender measures the weight of your ingredients as you add them to the blending cup, and sends the information to the App via Bluetooth. Once you hit the right amount of an ingredient, the App gives you visual and audible cues so you know it is time to move on to the next step.

Once the ingredients are in the blender, you can initiate the blending process. Based on the ingredients, the NutriBullet Balance automatically sets the blend time, so each NutriBlast smoothie should come out nice and smooth. During the blending process, you can watch the second countdown to your perfect smoothie on the App.


One of the downsides of the NutriBullet Balance is its relatively high price tag. Of course, if you compare the NutriBullet Balance with a full-size Vitamix, the Balance is not particularly expensive—but it is also not a full-size blender! It is a personal blender designed for making small batches of smoothies and liquid meals, and the cheapest personal blenders on Amazon cost only about $20. However, these cheap blenders typically feature motors that operate at only about 300 to 400 watts, whereas the NutriBullet Balance comes with a 1,200-watt motor. And, the cheapest blenders certainly don't come with a built-in scale and a Bluetooth connection! You can check the current price of the NutriBullet Balance on Amazon here.

How the Balance Compares Against NutriBullet's Other Nutrient Extractors

The most obvious difference between the NutriBullet Balance and the other NutriBullet nutrient extractors available in North America and the UK is that you won't need any recipe books or measuring cups with the Balance because of its built-in scale and Bluetooth connection. However, there are also other, less obvious differences between the different NutriBullets models:

  • Power: The Balance comes with a 1200-watt motor, which is twice as powerful as the motor of the original NutriBullet. The Balance is also more powerful than the NutriBullet PRO, which has a 900-watt motor. However, at the time of writing this review, the NutriBullet RX with its 1700-watt motor is NutriBullet's most powerful nutrient extractor.
  • Capacity: Just like the NutriBullet PRO, the Balance comes with a 32-ounce blending cup (maximum capacity). The original NutriBullet, by contrast, has a maximum capacity of only 24 ounces. The RX is the largest of NutriBullet's nutrient extractors, featuring a blending cup with a maximum capacity 45 ounces.
  • Price: With its built-in scale, Bluetooth connection and 1,200-watt motor, the NutriBullet Balance is one of the most advanced personal blenders out there, and it is priced accordingly. It is much more expensive than either the classic NutriBullet or the NutriBullet PRO, and as of January 2018, it is still a bit more expensive than the RX.

Where to Buy

Smart Nutrient Extractor

If, after evaluating the pros and cons of the NutriBullet Balance, you think this smart bluetooth-enabled blender is a good addition to your collection of healthy kitchen gadgets, head to Amazon or another online store that sells it. The great thing about buying the NutriBullet Balance online is that you can usually have it shipped directly to your doorstep, and when you order a blender at that price point through Amazon, you will benefit from great shipping conditions, too. For details, click on the link below: