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Veggie Bullet vs Ninja Kitchen System with Spiralizer

Ninja Kitchen System

If you've been thinking about stepping up your kitchen game by getting either the Veggie Bullet or one of the Ninja Kitchen Systems that come with a spiralizer attachment, then read on. Here, we look at how the Veggie Bullet fares in comparison to the Ninja AMZ012BL and CT682SP Kitchen Systems in terms of functionality.


One of the key differences between the Veggie Bullet and a regular food processor is that the Veggie Bullet comes with a spiralizer attachment which allows you to turn vegetables into low-carb "pasta" whereas a traditional food processor does not. Now, that's where the Ninja Kitchen Systems AMZ012BL and CT682SP with auto-spiralizer attachments differ from traditional food processors! Both of these food processors come with a spiralizer attachment, allowing you to create nutritious imitation noodles with minimal effort. At the time of writing, the Ninja AMZ012BL comes with three spiralizer blades (spaghetti, fettuccine and ribbon), and the Ninja CT682SP comes with two spiralizer blades (spaghetti and fettuccine).


If you are looking for a blender with a spiralizer attachment, go for the Ninja AMZ012BL or the Ninja CT682SP with Auto-Spiralizer, each of which comes with a 72-ounce (64-ounce max. liquid capacity) crushing pitcher as well as a 24-ounce high-speed blender cup. The original Veggie Bullet, by contrast, does not come with a blender container, but depending on when and where you buy the Veggie Bullet, you may be given a fitting blender attachment/container as a bonus.


The Veggie Bullet comes with a slicer blade which allows you to process foods like potatoes, onions, carrots, cucumber, fruits and even cooked meat into perfectly even slices. The slicing blade of the Veggie Bullet is integrated into a double-sided disc that features the shredding/grating blade on the other side. The Ninja AMZ012BL and CT682SP Kitchen Systems, by contrast, do not come with slicing blades.


The Veggie Bullet has a blade for grating foods, so you can effortlessly grate carrots and cabbage for slaws, zucchini for muffins, potatoes for hash browns, and hard cheeses for casseroles and pasta dishes. The Ninja AMZ012BL and CT682SP Kitchen Systems do not have a grating blade, but they do come with a chopper attachment which allows you to process a variety of foods into small bits. The standard Veggie Bullet, by contrast, does not have a chopper attachment.


The best spiralizers are not exactly cheap gadgets, with their prices typically hovering around $50, and you can expect to pay even more if you want a multi-functional kitchen appliance that not only spiralizes foods but that also takes care of other food prep tasks. Here are the current Amazon prices for the Veggie Bullet and the Ninja CT682SP Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer: