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Acne-Fighting Recipes (Main Dishes)

Are you struggling to find recipes that are particularly good for people who suffer from acne vulgaris? If so, this collection of recipes is for you! This section provides a repertoire of acne-fighting recipes that rely on foods that store tremendous amounts of acne-combating nutrients. But before you dive into the acne-fighting recipes below, make sure you have already explored the section 7 Diet Tips for Acne Prevention as well as the section Best Foods for Getting Rid of Acne.

Romaine and Smoked Salmon Salad

Lettuce is a low calorie vegetable that makes an ideal basis for light, refreshing salads. But it doesn't necessarily have to be iceberg lettuce! This salad uses romaine lettuce to create a dish that is supercharged with chromium, a mineral that has been shown to control the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. The radishes in this salad promote circulation, ensuring that the necessary anti-acne nutrients are delivered to all cells of the body and that waste and toxins are removed efficiently. Also carrots have detoxifying properties.

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Carrot Fennel Cucumber Salad

Provided that you're not allergic to citrus fruits, this summer-inspired salad works like magic to soothe the soul—and acne-prone skin. The acne alleviating properties of this refreshing salad are largely due to the high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, and vitamin E contained in this dish.

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Beet and Carrot Salad with Ginger

This recipe pairs carrots with beets to create a healthy salad that is packed with vitamins and dietary fiber—while being low in calories. This salad is particularly rich in beta-carotene, a nutrient that the body can convert into vitamin A. Vitamin A has been shown to exert positive effects on acne sufferers, probably due to its ability to affect the inflammatory aspects of acne. What's more, carrots and beets are believed to have detoxifying properties and to enhance the immune system which allows the body to fight and recover from acne.

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Green Pea and Mushroom Risotto

This easy recipe helps you create a risotto that is rich both in flavor and nutrients. It is particularly rich in zinc, a mineral that may alleviate acne symptoms, especially if a deficiency of this important mineral is present. Researchers have found that zinc supplementation could be as effective for acne as traditional antibiotics. The acne fighting properties of zinc are believed to result from its ability to reduce inflammation and to kill bacteria associated with acne. It has also been shown to be able to significantly reduce sebum production on the surface of the skin.

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Apple and Onion Soup

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, goes the old adage. But did you know that apples can also keep acne at bay? Apples contain pectin, a type of dietary fiber that absorbs toxins and pushes them through the colon fast. In addition to pectin, apples are a good source of bioflavonoids and vitamins which help maintain skin health.

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Barley Soup with Carrots and Parsley

Provided that you are not sensitive or allergic to gluten, barley is one of the best grains to consume if your skin is prone to acne breakouts as it has the lowest Glycemic Index (GI) rating of all common grains. The carrots and parsley in this soup may also be helpful as both of them are loaded with beta-carotene. The body can convert beta-carotene into vitamin A—an important nutrient with anti-inflammatory and sebum-controlling properties.

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Simple Sweet Potato Ginger Soup

This tempting soup is packed with nutrients that help fight acne breakouts. Sweet potatoes are loaded with beta-carotene and vitamin C, onions are one of the best dietary sources of the anti-acne mineral chromium, and ginger has strong anti-inflammatory properties.

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Broccoli and Barley Soup

Provided that you are not sensitive or allergic to gluten, this soup makes a great dish for acne sufferers. Both barley and broccoli, the two key ingredients in this soup, have a low Glycemic Index rating, which helps control male hormones often associated with acne. In addition, broccoli is a great source of carotenoids and vitamin C. What's more, broccoli is a one of the best dairy-free sources calcium, which is great news if your acne is linked to the use of dairy products.

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Chicken and Apple Salad

This recipe pairs chicken with crunchy apples and succulent grapes to create a taste sensation that is sure to please everyone. But the best thing is, the benefits of this salad are limited to culinary sensations; this salad is also packed with nutrients and minerals that help prevent acne breakouts. The apples in this salad are thought to be particularly effective at controlling acne due to their high concentration of pectin. Pectin is a type of dietary fiber that absorbs toxins and pushes them through the colon.

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