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Why Hollywood Stars Love Asparagus

A-List celebrities in Hollywood swear by asparagus because of its proven diuretic and water retention fighting properties. The secret ingredients behind asparagus' water retention reducing properties include the potassium and the diuretic amino acid asparagine (the characteristic smell observed in the urine after a consumption of asparagus is caused by metabolic byproducts of asparagine). What's more, asparagus contains inulin, a natural dietary fiber that promotes the proper functioning of the gut and that is a popular a weight loss aid in Hollywood.

Asparagus is also one of the best anti-wrinkle foods. Scientific evidence shows that people who include asparagus in their diet have fewer wrinkles than people who do not eat asparagus. This is not surprising considering that asparagus is at the top of the list of foods with the highest concentration of glutathione (349 nM glutathione/g wet weight). Glutathione is a strong antioxidant that has gained the spotlight in recent years and that has been revered as the "master antioxidant". Asparagus also contains a wealth of other antioxidant compounds, including beta-carotene, vitamin C and N-acetylcysteine.

When preparing asparagus, clean the spears thoroughly as the bottom part of the plant often contains dirt. It is however not necessary to peel the spears — especially if you have chosen thin, fresh asparagus.

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