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Write an Article For Us – Guest Writers and Guest Bloggers Wanted!

In order to ensure the content on this website remains varied and useful for our readers, we occasionally invite bloggers and other writers to submit guest posts / articles related to health, nutrition, green living, organic food, allergies, cooking, alternative medicine, and gardening. All guest authors contribute on a voluntary basis and are not paid for their articles.

If your guest post is accepted and published on HealWithFood.org, you can benefit from the following:

  • You will have an opportunity to share your knowledge and thoughts, and your writing and name are promoted to the health and nutrition oriented HealWithFood.org audience. If you are planning to become a professional writer, this can be a great way to get started and create a portfolio.
  • You are allowed to include a short bio at the end of your article, including an active link to your blog or website. Readers click on your link to learn more about you and what you have to offer, and your site benefits from targeted traffic. The active link in the author bio can also enhance your site's search engine rankings.

Interested in Guest Blogging on HWF? Send in an Application

If you're interested in writing a guest article for HealWithFood.org (HWF), start by reading the "Guest Posting Guidelines" below. If you're willing to comply with these Guidelines, then send an application to info at healwithfood dot org (with Guest Author Application in the subject line of the email). In order to be considered, your application must contain at least the following information, preferably in the following order:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your city and country
  3. An author bio including a link to the website or blog that you would like to promote. If you're ever invited to write a guest post for HealWithFood.org, this author bio will also be used at the end of your article.
  4. Links to 2-5 articles/posts you've written in the past – this will give us an idea of your writing style
  5. A description of your interests (i.e. topics you feel comfortable and happy writing about) and competencies, including any relevant qualifications or certifications (e.g. Registered Dietitian, Certified Clinical Nutritionist)
  6. Reasons why you think you should be invited to write a guest article (focus on what you believe differentiates you from other guest bloggers)
  7. A confirmation that you have read HealWithFood.org's Guest Posting Guidelines (outlined below) and that you agree to abide by these Guidelines in case you're invited to write a guest article.

Your application will be saved in HealWithFood.org's database of guest authors, and you will be contacted should a writing opportunity arise that matches your interests and competencies.

Guest Posting Guidelines

Note: HealWithFood.org reserves the right to revise the guest posting terms and conditions outlined on this page at any time. Therefore, it is important that you review these terms and conditions regularly. By continuing to submit guest articles you agree to all such terms and conditions as amended from time to time.

1. Write Original Content

Your article must be fresh and 100% original content, meaning that it must be free of any duplicate content, including "spun content" (which refers to re-arranging/re-writing articles to appear unique or original), and it must follow copyright laws and best practice guidelines. It is also essential that the article has not been and will not be published anywhere else, including your own website.

2. Submit Well-Written Content

Your article must have a clear structure (including subheadings, where appropriate), and it must read well. Articles that are not concise cannot be published.

3. Format Your Article in HTML

Please format your guest post using HTML markup. Use h2 tags for subheadings and <p> tags for paragraphs.

4. Don't Write A Generic Article

We look for savvy content rather than articles that state the obvious. Please do not submit an article that only offers a basic overview or introduction to a topic and that lacks solid, in-depth content. Furthermore, if you are writing about solutions to a specific health problem, do not try to cover all the possible solutions; instead, focus on one solution and write all you know about it! For example, a guest article titled "The Best Natural Solutions for Combatting Asthma" would have a very low likelihood of being published, but an in-depth article entitled "Why Apples Are Good for Asthma" backed by solid evidence would have a good chance of being accepted.

5. Do Not Directly Promote Your or Your Client's Products

An article that directly advertises your or your client's products or services will be rejected.

6. Keep in Mind the Length Requirements

Your article should be 500-1500 words long (excluding the author bio). Long, in-depth articles are generally preferred, but in the end, quality is the most important factor.

7. Include an Author Bio

All guest authors contribute on a voluntary basis and are not paid for their guest posts. In return for their articles, guest authors can include a short author bio (30-50 words), including one link to a website/blog. The bio will be displayed at the end of the article. Please note that your author bio can only link to a website/blog that is related to food, health, cooking, nutrition, gardening, sports, green living, or another theme that is closely related to HealWithFood.org.

8. Proofread Your Article

Your article must be written in clear English, with appropriate use of grammar and spelling. Articles peppered with grammatical errors will be rejected.

9. Submit Your Article by Email

If your article meets all the guest posting guidelines outlined above, you can submit it by email to info at healwithfood dot org. The subject line of your email should be "Guest Post Submission". By using this subject line you will show that you have read the guest blogging guidelines on this page, thereby increasing your chances of getting a fast response. When you email the article, please be sure to include the author bio and a link to your blog/website.

10. Publishing Rights

By submitting your article you give HealWithFood.org the right to use the article wherever we please, with attribution to you at all times. HealWithFood.org also reserves the right to remove a guest article at any time for any reason.

11. Modifications by the Editor

HealWithFood.org reserves the right to make edits to the article as needed (e.g. reworking titles or openings for clarity or for SEO purposes).

12. Possible Declining by the Editor

HealWithFood.org does not guarantee that your article will be published, even if you have been personally invited to sumbit an article. A guest post may be declined, for example, because of a lack of relevance to our readers, similarity to other posts published on HealWithFood.org, or a failure to comply with the guest posting guidelines outlined on this page. Unfortunately, we may not have time to explain why we couldn't use your post. Declining a guest post proposal is not a personal rejection, and we encourage you to submit your article elsewhere if we cannot publish it.

13. Promote Your Article

It is common courtesy for guest bloggers to promote their guest posts via social media — such as Facebook and Twitter — or by placing a link on their own blogs. If your article is accepted and published on HealWithFood.org, please promote it to your own readers and social networks.