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Sedona Dehydrators – Which Model is the Best?

All of the latest Tribest Sedona dehydrators available in the United States and Canada at the time of writing this review have several features in common: they all come with an adjustable thermostat and a built-in timer with a maximum setting of 99 hours; they all have rear-mounted fans which means you won't have to worry about drippings from foods soiling the fan; and they all have glass doors so you'll be able to easily monitor your foods. What's more, regardless of which Tribest Sedona dehydrator you decide to buy, you'll be able to choose either stainless steel trays (S) or BPA-free plastic (P) trays.

That said, Tribest's Sedona Classic, Sedona Combo and Sedona Express dehydrators also differ from each other in a number of ways. In this review, we'll focus on what sets these models apart so that you can better evaluate which Sedona dehydrator best meets your dehydrating needs. But, before you go ahead and buy any of these dehydrators, please contact the seller and/or manufacturer to get the most up-to-date information regarding product specifications as they may have changed since the writing of this review (September 2016).

Sedona Classic (S9000/P9000)

Highlights: 2 fans, 12.5 square feet of drying space Tribest Sedona Classic

The Sedona Classic Dehydrator (S9000/P9000) is a spacious high-end food dehydrator that provides about 12.5 square feet of drying space. Like other Sedona models available in the United States and Canada at the time of writing, it has an adjustable thermostat, 99-hour timer, glass door and plastic housing. In addition, it comes with two fans which can be used either simultaneously or independently, so you can save energy and reduce noise by turning off one of the fans when you are dehydrating a smaller batch of food. The Sedona Classic is available in two versions: the S9000 model which comes with stainless steel trays and the P9000 model which has BPA-free plastic trays.

Sedona Combo (S9150/P9150)

Highlights: 2-stage timer, 2 fans, 12.5 sq. ft. of drying space Tribest Sedona S9150

The Sedona Combo Dehydrator (S9150/P9150) is in many ways identical to the Sedona Classic: it has 9 stainless steel trays (the S9150 model) or BPA-free plastic trays (the P9150 model) which provide about 12.5 square feet of drying space in total; it comes with a 99-hour timer, dual fan, and adjustable thermostat; and it has a plastic housing with a glass door. But unlike the Sedona Classic, the Sedona Combo model uses Two-Stage Sequential Temperature (TST) technology, which allows you to program your dehydrator to start at a specific temperature to kick-start the dehydration process (FAST mode), and the machine will later switch to a lower temperature of your choice (RAW mode) to finish off the job.

Sedona Express (S6780/P6280)

Tribest Sedona Express Highlights: two-stage timer, compact design, broad temperature range

The Sedona Express Dehydrator (S6780/P6280) has a much sleeker design than the other two models discussed in this review, so it may the best Tribest Sedona dehydrator model for those who have limited countertop space in their kitchen. Another benefit is that the Sedona Express has a wider temperature range than the other two models. In fact, with settings ranging from 77°F to 167°F, it gives you even more control over the drying temperature than some of Excalibur's best dehydrators. And, like the Sedona Combo, the Sedona Express uses Two-Stage Sequential Temperature (TST) technology. On the downside, the Express model has only fan.