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Growing Radish Microgreens in Containers

Radish microgreens grown in containers

A great way to ensure a year-round supply of fresh and nutritious greens is to start a microgreen farm at home. The pleasantly peppery radish microgreens, which boast a flavor similar to that of root radishes, are easy to grow (also in winter) and a good choice for those who are new to growing edible microgreens at home.

Harvested at about two inches tall, these peppery seedlings are great in salads and cold soups. Their small size also makes them a great raw garnish to dishes that can benefit from a peppery element. The rest of this article describes what you need in order to successfully grow and harvest edible radish microgreens indoors.

1. Buying seeds. Buy certified organic radish seeds for your indoor microgreen garden. Good varieties for this purpose include China Rose, Red Arrow, and Todo.

2. Soaking seeds. Prior to sowing the radish seeds, soak them in clean water for about 5 to 8 hours. Soaking these small, brownish-orange seeds will make them germinate better.

3. Sowing seeds. Next, create an indoor seed bed by pouring nurient-rich potting mix into a container with drainage holes. Sprinkle the radish seeds over the potting mix, being careful to sow them as evenly as possible.

4. Finding a sunny spot. After sowing the radish seeds, place the container near a bright window – radishes need plenty of sunlight to produce a good microgreen crop! If you fear your radish microgreens may not get enough sunlight, you can use standard fluorescent lights to stimulate their growth.

5. Watering the soil. Check the development of your radish microgreens daily, and add water when the soil begins to dry. Be careful not the wash these little seeds away during the first few days by pouring too much water into the tray. A hand sprayer filled with clean water is great for watering the soil when the seeds are still germinating. Once the radish microgreens are growing well, you can also use a small watering can, kitchen sink spray nozzle, or bottom watering.

6. Harvesting your crop. Radish microgreens are one of the fastest microgreens to grow indoors. They usually emerge in a day or two after sowing and yield a crop in less than a week. When your radish microgreens are about two inches tall, they are ready for harvest. To harvest your crop, use sharp kitchen shears to cut the microgreens just above the soil.

7. Eating your greens. After harvesting, the delicate radish microgreens begin to lose their flavor and texture rapidly, so it is best to eat them immediately. Their peppery flavor makes them a great addition to salads and cold soups. They also make a beautiful garnish to a variety of dishes.