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Kitrics' Food Scale Shows Calories and Nutrition Facts

Kitrics' Digital Nutrition Scale and Calculator is not your average kitchen scale! Instead of just weighing ingredients, which is what most kitchen scales do, this ingenious gadget also counts the calories of the food you put on it. In addition to calculating portion weight and providing detailed information about the calorie count of the portion, this dieters and health foodies' dream also gives you an overview of the key nutrition facts of the portion.

Kitrics Food Scale
You can buy the Kitrics nutrition scale on Amazon in the US, Canada and the UK (subject to availability)

Display That Looks Like a Nutrition Facts Label

If you are used to scanning and analyzing nutrition facts labels on packages, you will have no trouble understanding the data displayed on the screen of this digital nutrition scale. The scale's display looks just like a real food packaging label, allowing you to easily find all the key information. The calorie count of the given portion is provided at the top of the digital label and is followed by an at-a-glance breakdown of fats, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, fiber and sugar. Values are provided for both total fat and saturated fat to help you distinguish healthier high-fat foods from unhealthy fatty foods packed with saturated fats. All the nutritional values, with the exception of the calorie counts, are provided in grams or milligrams.

Database with Hundreds of Foods

The Kitrics Nutrition Scale features a database containing nutritional information on hundreds of foods and beverages, covering all main food categories including dairy products, fruits, vegetables, legumes, baked goods, pasta, meat, fish and poultry. The values have been derived directly from a database created by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). To get the scale display the calorie count and macronutrient content of a portion of specific food, place the portion on the scale, and enter the relevant food code from the Kitrics Food List. This ingenious device will then automatically compute the calories and macronutrient values for the portion.

Up to 99 Custom Entries

If your favorite food (or beverage) is not included in the Kitrics scale's database, don't worry – you can always program your own custom codes! Following the instructions in the user manual, simply add the calories and nutritional values printed on the food's Nutrition Label to the database, and write down the new food code somewhere for your future reference. The scale allows you to define and store up to 99 customized food codes.

Kitchen Scale Counts Calories

Where to Buy Kitrics' Smart Food Scale

Whether you are on a weight loss program, managing a specific health problem such as diabetes and hypertension, or simply trying to eat better, the Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale and Calculator can help you achieve your goals without bulky reference books. This smart food scale is available in the US, UK and Canada from this page on Amazon (subject to availability).

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