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Best Slicers and Dicers for a Healthy Kitchen

Food Slicer

High-quality slicers and dicers help you prepare healthy meals from scratch with minimal effort. Here, you'll find links to reviews, comparisons and other resources that should help you find the right slicer or dicer for your kitchen.

At the end of a long day, it can be hard to motivate yourself to prepare a healthy meal. But when you have the right kitchen tools on hand, making healthy meals becomes a cinch. Along with good blenders, slicers and dicers are among the smartest tools you can have in your kitchen if you like to whip up healthy meals from scratch with minimal effort. In this section of's Guide to Healthy Kitchen Tools, you'll find information about the different types of slicers and dicers on the market so you can make an informed decision when shopping for a slicer or dicer.

Electric Food Slicers

The pre-packaged cold cuts sold in grocery stores are typically loaded with additives and preservatives. By buying raw meat and cooking and slicing it at home, you'll know exactly what's in your cold cuts, plus you'll likely save some money in the process. What's more, some electric meat slicers can also be used to slice other types of foods, including bread, cheese and firm vegetables and fruits. Here are some slicer reviews, comparisons and other articles that should help you pick the best electric slicer for your kitchen:

Vegetable/Fruit Dicers

From vegetable gratins to fruit salads, many healthy recipes call for diced vegetables and fruits. Using a dicer can really speed up the process of dicing foods so you can spend more time eating your healthy meal than preparing it. Dicers are usually also safer than a knife, though you still need to use them with caution. What's more, a high-quality dicer will turn vegetables and fruits into perfectly-shaped, uniform cubes – which is something most people have trouble accomplishing with a knife. If you think your kitchen needs a dicer, here are some resources to help you find the right dicer for you:

Slicing Spiralizers

Chances are you've already heard of spiralizers, trendy gadgets that transform ordinary vegetables like zucchini and carrots into attractive, noodle-like strips that can be used as a substitute for regular pasta in Italian dishes and Asian-style stir-fries. But the best spiralizers do more than just turn vegetables into imitation noodles! Many of them can also slice foods or turn them into continuous ribbon-like cuts. Here are some examples: