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AeroGarden 7: A Hydroponic Herb Growing Kit for Indoors

AeroGarden 7 Herb Growing Kit
AeroGarden 7, available through Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.ca

Meet AeroGarden Miracle-Gro 7 – a compact hydroponic herb growing kit that's ideal for growing small edible plants like basil, parsley, mint and lettuce indoors! In this article, we explain why you should definitely consider getting AeroGarden's Miracle Gro 7 if you've been thinking about setting up a small indoor herb garden in your kitchen or living room.

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A hydroponic indoor garden allows you to grow herbs in North America and the UK all year round

Imagine if you could grow herbs and lettuce indoors all year round? Hydroponic indoor herb gardens with built-in artificial lights make that possible, even if you live in one of the UK's least sunny cities, such as Birmingham, Manchester or London, or in the Northeastern United States or Canada where strong natural sunlight is in short supply in winter. Now, for the uninitiated, hydroponic gardening simply refers to a gardening technique that uses nutrient-rich water, rather than soil, to grow plants. Hydroponic gardens have many benefits over their soil-based counterparts, including:

A hydroponic system requires very little space. Compared with soil-based indoor herb gardens, a hydroponic indoor garden can be a real space saver. Usually, plants' roots need a lot of space to spread out through the soil in order to gain access to all the nutrients they need. In hydroponic systems, all the nutrients your plants need are readily available in the growing liquid, so the plants don't have to develop extensive root systems. This means you can pack your plants closer together, which in turn can result in great space savings.

Easy access to nutrients promotes fast growth. The fact that hydroponically-grown herbs have direct access to the nutrients they need also has another benefit: your herbs are likely to grow faster as they can concentrate their energy on growing the upper part of the plant, rather than the roots. According to AeroGarden, their Miracle-Gro 7 can grow plants up to 5 times faster than plants grown in indoors in high-quality soil.

No soil means no persistent weeds and soil-loving pests. Organic vegetable gardening is becoming increasingly popular in North America and the UK as people are worried about harmful pesticides and other nasty chemicals tainting their food. One of the best things about growing vegetables or herbs hydroponically is that you need little or no pesticides to produce healthy crops. As hydroponic systems use no potting soil, soil-loving bugs, soil-borne plant diseases and persistent weeds that might require chemical treatment become problems of the past.

Ordering an AeroGarden Miracle-Gro 7 through Amazon

Miracle-Gro 7 is one of the best AeroGarden Miracle-Gro models for those who are looking to grow small herbs such as basil, mint, parsley and cilantro indoors. Available in the US, Canada and the UK, this model can accommodate up to 7 herbs or other small plants, such as lettuce, and it comes with a built-in grow light. The height of the growing area can be extended to 12 inches (30 centimetres), so you should be able to grow most common herbs without having to fear that the plants will reach the grow light. If you would like to read reviews submitted by Amazon customers who have already bought an AeroGarden Miracle-Gro 7, or if you would like order one of these ingenious herb growing kits through Amazon right way, check out these links:

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