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3 Quick Tips to Motivate Yourself to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

We have all done it. We start a workout and health regimen with the best intentions. We set our goals and start off on the right foot. Then two months down the road our lives catch up to us. We start to skip a workout here and there, eat a late night cookie and step on the scale only to find we have gain a few. One of the hardest things in life is to stay motivated for the long haul. That's why we have put together this guide of the top 3 tips to help you keep motivated and reach your health and wellness goals.

1. Find Your Motivation

Everyone has a reason to start working out and eating well. It may be because you are sick of having low energy, not being able to fit into your clothes or even as a way to bond with your kids. Whatever the reason is, you need to find your motivation and focus on it. This is what keeps you going when it gets tough.

2. Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus and discipline gives you the strength to keep going when you want to give up. There are a few things you can do to keep your focus. Start by creating a vision board of what you want to achieve from living a healthy lifestyle. A vision board is a collage of images that represent what you want out of life. For example, if you want to lose weight then include a picture of what your target body looks like. Another great way to focus and stay motivated is to find music that makes you want to move. Whenever you don't feel like working out just put on your favorite motivational track to give you the boost you need.

3. Change Your Routine

Routine is the biggest killer of motivation. You need to change it up to stay excited about what you are doing. If you run on the same treadmill day after day, change your routine by running outside. A great way not to have a stagnant regimen is to do something different every day. Don't eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner every week. Change your meal plan up to include new and healthy foods. Start playing different sports so you are continually challenged. Change is the spice of life; embrace it!

Living a healthy lifestyle is the best choice a person can make. This choice doesn't come without its challenges though. Use these three simple tips to stay motivated, focus and change things up in your efforts towards your health goals.

About the Author: This article was contributed by Matt, a health fanatic that made his passion for natural health and finance into a career of helping people in the Sunshine State navigate health insurance in Florida. He enjoys working out and spreading his healthy living knowledge through the written word.