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Protective Sleeves for Mason Jars: 3 Popular Types

Glass is odorless and BPA-free, which makes glass bottles and jars perfect for storing foods and drinks. But glass breaks easily, which means regular glass bottles and jars are not ideal for taking drinks and meals to-go. The good news is that you can now buy protective sleeves designed for Mason jars! With these covers wrapped around your glass jars, your jars can now go anywhere you go!

If you are DIY-inclined, you can also crochet a cute sleeve or cozy for your Mason jar (this book has a great pattern). For the rest of us, Amazon has a wide selection of protective Mason jar sleeves to choose from. Below, we take a look at three different types of Mason jar sleeves you can buy on Amazon:

Protective Mason Jar Sleeve

Silicone Sleeve

Durable and available in a number of different colors, silicone sleeves designed for Mason jars have been very popular among consumers, and by now, there are several different brands to choose from. Brew Armor's sleeves were among the first protective Mason jar sleeves in this category to hit the shelves, and they have received tons of great reviews on Amazon. They are dishwasher-safe and provide a good grip, and you can choose between two sizes: the smaller one has been designed to fit snugly around 16-oz wide-mouth Mason jars, while the bigger one protects 24-oz wide-mouth Mason jars.

Rubber Sleeve

Neoprene Sleeve

Whether you are looking for a protective sleeve for regular-mouth Mason jars or a cover for your wide-mouth Mason jars, the Koverz sleeves are a good option. Made of a stretchy synthetic rubber called neoprene, not only do these sleeves fit both regular-mouth and wide-mouth 16-oz Mason jars, they also provide thermal insulation, helping to maintain the temperature of the drinks inside the jars. An added bonus is that these neoprene sleeves are machine-washable. Plus, there is a good selection of prints to choose from, so everyone should find something they like. To learn more about these protective sleeves, or to buy one for yourself or a friend, click on the following link:

Leather Jar Sleeve

Leather Sleeve

Hand-cut and sewn in Maine, Kurier's leather sleeves are a great choice for those who want to turn pint-sized Mason jars into handsome, portable coffee mugs. Each sleeve comes with a small handle that not only makes your jar look like a mug but that also allows you to clip the whole thing to a belt or bag. What's more, each sleeve is stitched close to the edges with military-grade industrial thread, which helps prevent stretching over time. Kurier's protective sleeves have been designed to fit pint-sized wide-mouth Mason jars, and they are available in a number of attractive colors on Amazon:

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