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Anti-PMS Soup Recipes

Want to learn how to create tasty soups that are also good for women with PMS? We've got a bounty of recipes for you to try! The following soup recipes rely on ingredients that deliver hefty amounts of anti-PMS nutrients such as zinc, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6.

However, before you free your inner foodie and try the soup recipes below, you might want to explore the anti-PMS diet section and the list of the best foods for PMS relief if this is your first visit to our Diet Guide to Fighting PMS.

Minty Watercress Soup (Served Cold)

This light, peppery soup with a smooth creamy texture is rich in pyridoxine, a vitamin that helps ease PMS symptoms. Thanks to the yoghurt, this dish also provides plenty of calcium and zinc, both of which should have a key role in any anti-PMS diet.
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Carrot, Tomato and Lentil Soup

Rich in fiber and extremely low in fat, this soup makes an excellent anti-PMS meal. High-fiber foods enhance estrogen excretion and are thought to help improve hormonal balance.
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Barley Soup with Carrots and Parsley

Barley has the lowest Glycemic Index (GI) rating of all common grains. Low glycemic foods help keep blood glucose levels stable, thereby controlling some PMS symptoms such as mood swings and food cravings. The carrots this soup recipe calls for may also be helpful as they are rich in fiber and vitamin B6. Also the yoghurt adds to the PMS-fighting powers of this soup by calcium and zinc.
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Barley Soup with Beans and Basil

Both barley and beans, the two key ingredients in this soup, have a low glycemic rating. As a result, this soup may help control some PMS symptoms such as mood swings and cravings.
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Beet and Carrot Soup

This recipe pairs beets with carrots to create a beautiful crimson soup that can also help relieve PMS symptoms. Both beets and carrots are packed with fiber which helps regulate estrogen levels. In addition, beets are a great source of magnesium, a mineral that can help control premenstrual symptoms related to mood changes.
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Spinach Soup with Boiled Eggs

The nutritional profile of this vibrant green spinach soup makes it an excellent health dish for women with PMS. It provides an ample supply of many nutrients that can ward off PMS symptoms, including magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6.
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Nourishing Nettle Soup

While low in calories, nettle is supercharged with PMS fighting nutrients, including B complex vitamins, magnesium, and zinc. Also yoghurt, which is used to garnish this intriguing jade-green soup, can be helpful as it is loaded with calcium and zinc, both of which have PMS fighting qualities.
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Broccoli and Barley Soup

Both barley and broccoli have a low Glycemic Index rating. This helps keep the blood glucose levels stable and may therefore help control some PMS symptoms such as mood swings and cravings. In addition, broccoli contains plenty of anti-PMS nutrients, including magnesium, vitamin B6, and zinc.
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