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Red Camargue Rice: Where to Get it in the UK

Red Camargue Rice UK

Red camargue rice is a French gourmet rice with a nutty flavor and a brownish red pericarp. Known as riz rouge de Camargue in France, this red gourmet rice from Provence is today available in many specialty food stores across the UK. If you cannot find authentic red camargue rice in the stores near you, you can also order this French gourmet grain online. Buying camargue rice online may be a particularly smart move if you have a big family or crowd to feed, as online shops often have special prices for consumers interested in buying their products in bulk. Depending on where you live in the UK, it may also be your only chance of getting organic camargue rice as organic production only accounts for a small part of the overall production of this gourmet grain in France.

Below you find an overview of a few products you may be interested in if you're looking to buy French camargue rice in the UK. (Tip: If you live in the US check out the article Where to Get French Red Rice in the US.

Buy Camargue in Bulk

Pack-of-Five Bulk Deal on Camargue Rice

Looking for a bulk deal on red camargue rice? Check out Mintons Good Food's "pack of 5" deal on Amazon! A product of France, Mintons Good Food red camargue rice is 100% organically grown (certified organic by the UK Soil Association, the UK's leading certifier of organic food and farming). It is also non-GM (not genetically modified) and contains no preservatives. Order it here.

Authentic French Rice

Infinity Foods' Authentic, Organic Camargue Rice

If you only need a small amount of camargue rice, check out Infinity Foods whole grain camargue rice on Amazon. This authentic French rice has been grown organically in the wetlands of Southern France, and like any camargue rice, it is perfect for risottos, salads and pilafs. Buy it here.

Organic Rice

For Extra Visual Appeal: Rice Blend Featuring Red Rice

Using a rice mix, instead of a single type of rice, is a great way to add visual appeal to a meal. If you are looking for a blend that contains real camargue rice, check out Biona's Organic Wild Rice Mix which contains Italian long grain rice and Canadian wild rice, along with French red camargue rice. The product is certified by the Organic Food Federation in the UK and can be purchased online. Order it here from Amazon.

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