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Recipe Collecion: Drinks for Treating Allergic Rhinitis

Herbal teas made of stinging nettle and mint have a long history as a natural treatment for allergic rhinitis. In addition to herbal infusions, smoothies and other drinks made of allergic rhinitis fighting foods can help treat symptoms associated with this distressing condition. Our favorite anti-rhinitis smoothies, all of which are easy to make, are presented below.

If you have found specific herbs to alleviate your allergic rhinitis symptoms, tell us your story in an email, with "Allergic rhinitis – my experience" in the subject line. Send the email to info at healwithfood dot org. Helpful stories will be published on this website in order to spark discussion about less-known herbs with rhinitis-fighting potential. The contributors of the stories will remain anonymous.

Refreshing Cucumber Smoothie with Probiotic Bacteria

This refreshing, low-calorie smoothie is an excellent source of probiotic bacteria which have been shown to be effective at alleviating symptoms of allergic rhinitis. It also provides a fair amount of vitamin C.
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Cucumber Honeydew Smoothie

Low in calories and rich in vitamin C, this smoothie provides probiotic bacteria which can help alleviate symptoms of allergic rhinitis.
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Banana Cantaloupe Smoothie

The mouthwatering combination of cantaloupe, banana and buttermilk in this smoothie packs a powerful punch of probiotic bacteria and vitamin C — both of which may help alleviate symptoms associated with hay fever.
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Raspberry Banana Smoothie (with Rice Milk)

This dairy-free, gluten-free smoothie is literally bursting with quercetin and vitamin C. What's more, the raspberries and the ground flaxseed add healthful omega-3 fatty acids to this delectable smoothie.
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