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Guide to Fighting the Common Cold and Flu   ( Home | Diet | Foods | Recipes )

60+ Recipes for Preventing and Curing the Common Cold

Give your immune system a boost with healthy meals that can help keep you healthy during the cold and flu season! In this section of our Diet Guide to Fighting the Common Cold, you will find a collection of meal ideas and recipes designed to keep your immune system strong. The recipes included in this section call for foods that contain plenty of vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, spicy compounds, and other nutrients and naturally-occurring compounds that can help prevent and cure the common cold and flu. In addition, most of the flu- and cold-preventing recipes included in this collection are low in sugar and dairy. If you are new to this Diet Guide to Fighting the Common Cold and don't know yet how various nutrients, low-sugar meals, and a dairy-free diet can help prevent and cure colds and the flu, you might want to visit the page Diet for Preventing Colds of this guide before digging into the flu- and cold-curing recipes in this section.

Once you understand the theory behind how your diet affects your immune system, go ahead and start expanding your menu to include more healthy, cold- and flu-preventing foods. To get inspiration for healthy immune-boosting meals featuring some of the best anti-flu ingredients, check out the recipe resources below.