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Guide to Combatting Greasy Hair   ( Home | Diet | Foods | Recipes )

Recipes and Meal Ideas for Controlling Greasy Hair

Controlling greasy hair and oily scalp is easy with healthy, low-glycemic meals! In this section of our Guide to Coping With Greasy Hair, you will find a bunch of meal ideas and recipes designed for people who suffer from excessively oily and greasy-looking hair. The recipes included in this section call for foods that are naturally rich in B vitamins, zinc, and other nutrients that can help reduce sebum secretion on the scalp. In addition, most of the recipes included in this collection have a low glycemic index (GI) rating and contain little dairy. If you are new to this Nutrition Guide and don't know yet how various nutrients, low-glycemic meals, and a dairy-free diet may help prevent oily hair, check out the diet section of this Guide.

Once you get the theory behind how diet affects sebum production on your scalp, it's time to put the theory into practice and start whipping up delicious meals with sebum-controlling properties! To get started, click on one of the recipe categories below.