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Over 70 Recipes and Meal Ideas for Effective Fat Loss

How about a bowl of fat-burning tomato soup or a cup of green tea that delivers an extra dose of weight loss promoting catechins? This recipe collection contains over 70 healthy recipes and meal ideas for people who are looking to reduce their body fat percentage by cooking and eating fat loss promoting meals. The fat-burning recipes included in this section feature foods that are known to provide significant amounts of body fat reducing nutrients such as chromium, vitamin C, calcium, fiber, high quality protein, iodine, catechins, zinc, vitamin D and capsaicin. In addition, most of the meals presented in this section have a low glycemic index (GI) rating, are low in calories, and/or contain little saturated fatty acids. If you don't know yet how specific nutrients, low glycemic meals, low-calorie foods, and a diet low in saturated fats can help promote a lean body, you may want to check out the diet guidelines for fat loss section of this guide before diving into the recipes in this section.

Once you're ready to get started with our healthy fat loss boosting recipes, simply select one of the recipe categories below and get your apron on!