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Healthy Recipe Ideas for Overweight Adults and Kids

Healthify your menu with our weight loss recipes! Our collection of recipes for overweight adults and kids includes over 60 ideas and recipes for high-hiber, low-calorie dishes such as Chicken and Apple Salad, Fat-Burning Lentil Soup, Scrumptious Weight Loss Muffins, and more! In addition to being low in calories and rich in fiber, the weight loss recipes included in this section call for foods that are particularly rich in fat-burning nutrients such as capsaicin, calcium, catechins, vitamin C, chromium, and iodine. If you are new to our Diet Guide for Overweight People and don't know yet how certain nutrients can help you slim down, check out the diet section of this guide before diving into the recipes in this section.

Once you're ready to start whipping up healthy weight loss promoting meals, select one of the recipe categories below: