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Machines That Make "Milk" from Nuts, Beans and Grains

Machine That Makes Nut Milk

Are you looking for a machine that makes vegan "milk" from nuts, soy beans or grains? Here are some tips, reviews and comparisons to help you pick a soy and nut milk maker that has the right size and features to meet your needs.

Almond milk, soy bean milk and other types of non-dairy milks, or "mylks", are increasingly popular among Americans who are trying to cut back on dairy. Unfortunately, however, the non-dairy milks you can buy in supermarkets usually contain very little actual nuts, soy beans or grains, so they are not a particularly good source of nutrients unless the manufacturer has enriched the product by adding some vitamins or minerals to it. What's more, the store-bought mylks typically contain sweeteners, thickening agents and other additives.

The good news is that you can also make your own non-dairy milks from soy beans, grains and nuts such as almonds. The easiest way to make your own mylks is to use a machine specifically designed to extract "milk" from nuts, beans and grains. If you're not ready to buy an automatic mylk maker yet, you can also make nut milk without one of these machines, but it can be a quite a hassle. For example, if you want to make almond milk without an almond milk maker, you'll first have to process the almonds in a grinder, then put the ground almonds in a blender along with some water, and finally strain the mixture using a sieve or cheesecloth.

The best non-dairy milk makers typically come with both a powerful grinding/blending mechanism and a heating element, which makes them extremely versatile. In addition to making "milk" from nuts, beans and grains, some of the best non-dairy milk makers also make soups, smoothies, baby foods, salad dressings, and more.

Below, you find basic information about some popular nut, soy and grain milk makers sold in the US and Europe, as well as links to in-depth reviews covering the pros and cons of each model in detail.

Reviews of Top-Rated Nut and Soy Milk Makers

  • Tribest's Soyabella SB-130. Soyabella SB-130 has a built-in filter which automatically separates the pulp from the milk, eliminating the messy straining step that you have to complete manually when using a filter-less model. In addition to making "milk" from nuts, soy beans, and grains like rice, this multi-purpose kitchen appliance also makes hot soups and porridges and grinds coffee beans, seeds and nuts. To learn more, check out the in-depth review Soyabella - A Nut & Soy Milk Maker with a Built-in Filter.
  • NutraMilk. Equipped with a built-in filter, the NutraMilk turns tree nuts, peanuts and seeds into non-dairy milks and butters in a matter of minutes. The great thing about this machine is that you don't have to pre-soak the nuts before processing them; in fact, when using the NutraMilk to make nut milks (or butters), you should always use dry nuts. It is also worth noting that this non-dairy milk maker does not have a heating mechanism, which is why it cannot be used to make soy milk. To learn more, go to www.thenutramilk.com?aff=65.
  • SoyaJoy G4. This soy milk, soup and nut milk maker is a great choice for those who are looking for a filter-less large-capacity mylk maker. Featuring an enhanced cooking cycle compared with its predecessor, the SoyaJoy G3, this upgraded model cooks the soy milk at above 200°F for over 20 minutes to ensure that enzyme inhibitors are inactivated. To learn more about SoyaJoy G4, read the review SoyaJoy G4 - A Large-Capacity Milk & Soup Maker.
  • SoyaPower G4. SoyaPower G4 is manufactured by Sanlinx Inc, the same company that's behind the SoyaJoy G4. Therefore, it is not surprising that the two have a lot in common: both are high-quality #304 stainless steel on the inside and both boast safety features like automatic water level and temperature sensors. But there are also some differences between the two models. To learn more about them, see SoyaPower vs SoyaJoy.
  • Joyoung CTS-1098. Here's yet another soy milk and nut milk maker worth checking out if you are looking for a sturdy, filter-less non-dairy milk maker for your kitchen. It has the capacity to produce about 5 cups of fresh milk, and it's easy to clean because of its filter-less design. To learn how it compares with some other popular soy milk makers, see Comparison of Soy Milk Makers.