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Comparison of SoyaPower vs. SoyaJoy Soymilk Maker (G4 Series)

SoyaPower vs SoyaJoy
SoyaJoy G4 soymilk maker, available through Amazon here

Trying to determine the best automatic soy milk maker for your needs can be a daunting task as modern soymilk machines come with a wide range of features. If you have trouble deciding between the SoyaPower G4 and SoyaJoy G4, both of which are manufactured by Sanlinx Inc., keep reading. Below, we compare and contrast these two popular soymilk / nut milk machines, plus provide a handy comparison chart to help you identify the key features and functions of each model at a glance.

Common Features

Both the SoyaJoy G4 and the SoyaPower G4 are high-quality #304 stainless steel on the inside, making both of them great choices for those who are looking for a BPA-free soy milk or nut milk maker. What's more, both of them boast a number of safety features such as automatic water level and temperature sensors, and a mechanism that prevents the milk from boiling over. Finally, both the SoyaPower G4 and the SoyaJoy G4 have a filter-less design which, according to many user reviews, makes these soy milk makers easy to clean. However, the lack of a built-in filter also means you have to manually strain the milk (if you want a fully automatic machine that also strains the milk for you, check out Soyabella's milk maker with a built-in filter).

Key Differences

Compared with the SoyaPower G4 (and many other automatic soy milk makers on the market), the SoyaJoy is rather large with a capacity of about 7 U.S. cups per batch – the SoyaPower has a capacity of about 5 cups. Furthermore, only the SoyaJoy G4 has a keep-warm function, which keeps the contents warm for a prolonged time after the cooking cycle. However, unlike the SoyaPower G4, it does not have a plastic casing to keep the exterior cooler during cooking. Yet another difference between the two models is the number of pre-set programs: the SoyaPower G4 has five pro-programmed cycles, while the SoyaPower G4 has eight cycles:

SoyaPower – 8 programs:

  • Soaked beans
  • Dry beans
  • Raw/juice
  • Grains
  • Porridge
  • Soup
  • Mung bean
  • Hot chocolate

SoyaJoy G4 – 5 programs:

  • Soaked beans
  • Dry beans
  • Raw juice
  • Grains
  • Porridge (also used for making soup)

Comparison Chart

To help you decide which soy milk maker is better for your purposes, the SoyaPower G4 or the SoyaJoy G4, HealWithFood.org put together a handy comparison chart that should give you a good idea of each model in terms of key features and functions:

SoyaPower G4SoyaJoy G4
Number of pre-set programs85
Thermoplastic casing for better insulationYesNo
Interior of the cooking chamberStainless steelStainless steel
Approximate capacity per batch (in US cups)5 cups7 cups
Automatic water level sensorYesYes
Automatic temperature sensorYesYes
Built-in anti-boilover sensorYesYes
Raw milk setting (for nut milks)YesYes
Keep warm functionNoYes
Filter-less designYesYes
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So Which One is Better, SoyaPower or SoyaJoy?

Both the SoyaJoy G4 and the SoyaPower G4 are manufactured by Sanlinx Inc., and as the above comparison chart shows, the two models also have very similar features. At the time of writing, both models also have a very good rating on Amazon, which further complicates the debate SoyaJoy vs SoyaPower. If you have trouble deciding which one is better for your purposes, SoyaJoy or SoyaPower, and if none of the small differences described above matters to you, you can still compare the price and user reviews of each model, and hopefully that will make it easier to decide on one model.