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Kale Trimmer – A Tool That Deveins Kale... and More!

Kale Trimmer
The Chef'n kale stripper is BPA-free and available through Amazon here ( for US shoppers) or here ( for UK shoppers).

Do you often use kale to boost nutritional profile of your salads or soups? Or do you prefer the reap the famous health benefits of kale by drinking it in the form of tasty kale smoothies? Regardless of how you like to consume the nutritious leaves of this green leafy Brassica vegetable, chances are you have been frustrated, at one point or another, by how long it takes to strip those leaves from the stems before you can actually use them in your favorite kale recipes. Now, that's where the Chef'n LooseLeaf Kale Stripper comes in! Also known as the kale stripper, this ingenious little tool helps you devein curly kale in seconds, allowing you to spend less time in the kitchen preparing meals and more time enjoying those meals with your family and friends. To learn more about this small but mighty tool, keep reading.

Meet the Chef'n LooseLeaf Kale Stripper!

Trimming kale has never been easier! With the Chef'n LooseLeaf Kale and Greens Stripper, all you have to do is simply slide a kale stem through one of the eight holes (use the smallest hole that the stem will fit through), and this nifty tool will strip all the leaves off in a fraction of the time it would take to separate those leaves by hand. If you have trouble getting the Chef'n Kale Stripper to work the first time, try these tricks:

  • Use the smallest hole the stem will fit, and pull the stem through in a series of short tugs rather than a single long pull
  • Try pulling the greens through from the other side – one of the sides is sharper than the other!

Once you are done using the trimmer, wash it quickly under running water, or pop it into the top rack of your dishwasher if you feel it needs more thorough cleaning.

This Nifty Tool Also Trims Collard Greens, Herbs, and More!

Chances are you ended up on this page because you are looking for an easy-to-use tool that de-veins kale, but Chef'n LooseLeaf Stripper is much more than just a kale trimmer. With eight holes of increasing size, this multi-purpose kitchen tool can also be used to de-vein other green leafy vegetables such as collard greens and chard (as long as the stems are not too wide) as well as many types of herbs. As a herb trimmer, it is particularly well suited for de-leafing woody herbs like oregano, rosemary, thyme and tarragon which can be a real pain to trim if you have to do it by hand.

Bonus: The Chef'n Kale Stripper is BPA-Free

BPA-Free Kale Stripper

Are you trying to reduce your exposure to BPA, a controversial chemical that is found in many kitchen tools that are made of plastic? According to information retrieved from the manufacturer's website in February 2016, Chef'n test their products to FDA and EU food-safety standards to ensure no harmful products such as BPA are present. The Seattle-based Chef'n also takes pride in working closely with their overseas partners to make sure that the materials they specify for their products are actually used during the manufacturing process.