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Recipes: Desserts for Controlling Sugar Cravings

Awaken your taste buds with these divine dessert dishes – they are good for you, too! The recipes featured in this section call for foods like beans, apples, and cinnamon which are known to have craving controlling and appetite suppressing qualities. But before you get started with the dessert recipes below, you may want to peruse the section Diet Tips for Fighting Sugar Cravings and the section Foods That Help Curb Sugar Cravings for more general information about how certain eating habits and foods may help control cravings for sweets and sugary foods.

Apple Slices with Cinnamon

This dessert is a cinch to prepare, and it contains only 95 calories! It is also rich in pectin, a type of dietary fiber that makes you feel fuller and for a longer time, so you will eat less during the day. The high concentration of pectin also contributes to the fact that apples have a low glycemic rating compared to most other fruit.
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Nettle Crêpes with Raspberries

No need to worry about this dessert stinging your tongue; the nettle in these crepes will only do you good. Young, cooked stinging nettle shoots are perfectly edible, and they are packed with compounds that help curb appetite and cravings. As an additional bonus, these delicious crepes, served with juicy raspberries, are loaded with flavonoids.
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Buckwheat Crepes with Bananas

The buckwheat and eggs featured in these crepes are rich in protein which helps control food cravings and prevent overeating by making you feel full for longer. What's more, eggs are rich in B complex vitamins which are known for their ability to control
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Quinoa Crepes with Applesauce

Foods with a high Glycemic Index (GI) rating can cause rapid fluctuations in blood glucose levels, which can lead to cravings. In contrast, low GI foods, such as these quinoa crepes, take much longer to digest, providing the body with a slow, steady supply of energy.
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Low Glycemic Raspberry Muffins

This muffin recipe is a must-try for those who love muffins but are worried—rightfully so—that the high amount of simple carbohydrates in most muffins can lead to sugar cravings. Unlike most muffin recipes, this one calls for some of the lowest glycemic muffin batter ingredients, including soy flour, whole wheat flour, and raspberries. It also features cinnamon which has been shown to reduce sugar cravings.
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Fantastic Fiber Muffins

Looking for a high-fiber muffin recipe? This dessert dish combines wheat bran with whole wheat flour and apples to create a delicious treat that helps you reach your fiber quota. Fiber is well known for its ability to enhance the feeling of fullness and reduce cravings.
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Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake with understated layers of flavor has a surprising ingredient: black beans! Black beans are loaded with protein and fiber—a stellar macronutrient combo for preventing sweet cravings. What's more, beans appear to promote the release of cholecystokinin in the small intestine. Cholecystokinin is a digestive hormone that has appetite suppressant qualities.
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Low-Fat Apple and Raspberry Crumble

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, goes the old adage. But did you know that apples can also keep sugar cravings at bay? Apples contain soluble fiber which makes you feel fuller and for a longer time, so you will eat less during the day. Also oats are rich in soluble fiber.
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