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Why Buy a Vacuum Blender

If you haven't heard about vacuum blending yet, now is the time! Vacuum blenders are increasingly popular among health foodies who want to get the most out of their smoothies and other blends. Below, we explain what vacuum blenders are and how they work, and provide a list of reasons why you might want to buy a vacuum blender rather than a regular blender.

What is Vacuum Blending?

Vacuum blending is an innovative blending technique that involves removing air from the blending container, usually with the help of an automatic vacuum pump. This allows you to blend smoothies and soups in a low-oxygen environment, which in turn minimizes oxidation of ingredients. Oxidation has been associated with a number of problems, and therefore, vacuum blenders, which help reduce oxidation, offer great benefits to both home cooks and professional chefs (the benefits of vacuum blending are discussed in detail below).

Benefits of Getting a Vacuum Blender

There are tons of reasons why you should consider buying a vacuum blender rather than a regular blender. Here's an overview of some of the most important benefits of getting a vacuum blender:

1. Reduced Nutrient Loss: One of the most important benefits of vacuum blending is that vacuum blenders help protect nutrients like vitamin C and the fat-soluble vitamins A and E which are prone to degradation when exposed to air.

2. Bright Colors and Fresh Flavor: Not only are smoothies created in a vacuum blender more nutritious than regular smoothies, they also look and taste better. This is because the absence of oxygen in the blender container prevents browning of the ingredients and protects the taste of fresh ingredients.

3. Fresh Flavor for Longer: The best vacuum blenders not only process your ingredients in a vacuum, but they also allow you to store your smoothies in a vacuum, which means your homemade smoothies will stay fresh for longer.

4. Less Foam: If you're not a fan of foamy, frothy smoothies, you should definitely consider getting a vacuum blender. As mixed-in air is what makes smoothies foamy, you won't have to worry about your smoothies getting foamy if you blend them in a vacuum.

5. Less Separation: If you don't drink a smoothie made in a regular blender right away, the emulsification from the blending action starts to wear off, and the lighter components separate to float on top of the water in the smoothie. Vacuum blending emulsifies ingredients better, and there will be less separation.

Vacuum Blender

Where to Buy a Vacuum Blender?

If you have trouble finding a vacuum blender in the stores in your area, not to worry: you can always order one online! The popular Tribest Dynapro vacuum blender, for example, is available through Amazon here. Not only does this revolutionary blender come with a vacuum pump, it also has a powerful 2.5 HP motor and a 4-spoke blending blade. Thanks to these features, the Tribest Dynapro rivals Vitamix blenders in terms of performance, powering through everything from frozen fruit to fibrous vegetables with ease.