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10 Ways to Keep Fruit Flies Away

Keep fruit flies away with these ten tricks. If you don't see immediate results, don't worry; fruit fly eggs take about 10 days to hatch, so you may need to repeat some of the tricks several times before your kitchen and the rest of your house is completely free of fruit flies and their eggs.

1. Remove or Hide Foods That Attract Fruit Flies

Don't leave ripened fruit or vegetables that attract fruit flies uncovered on the kitchen counter. Keep your fruit and veg in the refrigerator until your fruit fly problem has been resolved, or cover your fruit bowl with a lid.

fruit flies
A fruit basket left on the kitchen counter attracts fruit flies.

2. Keep Cans and Bins Clean

Clean empty bottles and cans thoroughly before throwing them into the recycling bin. Also make sure your recycling and garbage bins are clean and free of leftovers and spilled juices.

3. Keep Your Kitchen Clean

To keep fruit flies away from kitchen counters, clean the surfaces by washing them regularly with warm water and soap. You also want to make sure that the sinks and drains in your kitchen are clean as they are excellent breeding places for fruit flies. Pouring hot water down the drain is a great way to kill fruit flies that may be residing in the kitchen sink.

4. Keep Your Kitchen Dry

Fruit flies love moisture, so if you want keep them away, make sure you keep your kitchen dry. This includes wiping the sink after every use and checking for any leaky faucets.

5. Don't Leave Dirty Dishes Out

Wash and put away dishes and cutlery right after eating instead of letting them lie around the house attracting fruit flies. You should also avoid leaving open bottles and glasses that may still contain residues of juices, wine, soda, or other beverages.

6. Take Garbage Out Regularly

Warm weather attracts fruit flies as the refuse in the bin starts turning faster in the heat. Therefore, make sure you remove garbage from the kitchen at least once a day during the warm summer months. Also make sure the container outside is located at some distance from the house to prevent the fruit flies from coming back.

7. Use a Vacuum

Using a vacuum cleaner is yet another way of getting rid of fruit flies at home. Turn the vacuum on and put the hose near where the fruit flies have congregated (e.g. close to a fruit bowl). The fruit flies will lift off to try to get away, but few of them will manage to evade the powerful suction of your vacuum.

8. Make a Trap Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Make a trap for fruit flies by using an old jar or bottle. Bait the jar or bottle with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, water and a few drops of citrus-smelling liquid dish detergent. You can also replace the dishwashing liquid with a few minced basil leaves. Place the bait close to fresh produce. Attracted to the vinegar mixture, fruit flies will go in and be killed by the detergent.

9. Make a Trap Using Wine or Coca Cola

If you have no apple cider vinegar at hand, you can also use wine, coca cola, beer or almost any other sweet drink as bait. Fill a jar or bottle about 2 inches deep with the beverage and cover the opening with plastic wrap secured with a rubber band. Poke a few holes in the plastic wrap. The flies will go in easily through the holes but won't be able to fly out.

10. Use Artificial Light to Attract Flies

If you feel your fruit fly infestation is exceptionally bad, set out a trap in a small room and leave the light on overnight. Fruit flies are attracted to light and will make their way to the room — and the bait.

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