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Dessert Recipes for Fighting Asthma

Treat your tastebuds to these delightful desserts designed to ease symptoms in asthma sufferers. The dessert recipes you find in this section of ourNutrition Guide for Asthma Sufferers are rich in nutrients that can help control asthma symptoms.

Asthma-Fighting Banana and Apple Smoothie

In one study, children who consumed apple juice daily were half as likely to suffer from wheezing as those who drank it less than once a month. Bananas were found to exert a similar, albeit a weaker, benefit.
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Raspberry Banana Smoothie

This dairy-free smoothie is bursting with vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin C, and quercetin. What's more, both the raspberries and the ground flaxseed add healthful omega-3 fatty acids to this delectable anti-asthma smoothie.
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Watermelon and Green Tea Smoothie

This refreshing smoothie is perfect for the summer heat. But it is also great for people with asthma as watermelon is literally brimming with lycopene, a type of carotenoid that has been shown to be particularly effective at controlling exercise-induced asthma. In addition to lycopene, this drink contains plenty of beta-carotene, vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium.
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Buckwheat Pancakes with Bananas

Unlike most other pancake recipes, this one requires neither eggs nor dairy, making this dessert generally suitable for people with asthma (eggs and dairy are among the most common food triggers of asthma attacks). All key ingredients in this devine dessert—buckwheat, bananas, and brown rice syrup—are considered hypoallergenic, which means that they are among the foods that are least likely to cause allergic reactions in humans. In addition, bananas have been shown to have strong asthma-fighting qualities.
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Rice pudding with Pears and Cinnamon

Both rice and pears are among the least likely foods to cause allergic reactions, such as asthma attacks. In addition, a high consumption of pears has been linked to an increased protection against asthma.
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Low-Fat Apple and Raspberry Crumble

This gluten-free recipe combines apples and raspberries, two great sources of quercetin. Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that is known to possess strong antioxidant, anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory properties which help alleviate asthma.
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Carrot Muffins

You've probably heard that carrots are good for vision, but did you know that they may also be helpful for people susceptible to asthma? In one study, women who consumed the most carrots were found to have a 20% lower risk of asthma than women with the lowest intakes. These beneficial effects are likely to be linked to high concentration of beta-carotene in carrots, but also the vitamin C contained in carrots may play a role.
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Wholewheat Muffins with Bananas and Walnuts

Not only are these whole wheat muffins full of flavor, they also contain ingredients that help fight asthma. Bananas help relax bronchial smooth muscle tissue, and walnuts can help fight asthma attacks due to their anti-inflammatory properties.
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Antioxidant Muffins

These scrumptious muffins feature blueberries and pecans, two antioxidant powerhouse foods. Blueberries top the list of berries with the highest antioxidant capacity, and pecans—along with walnuts and chestnuts—have the highest concentration of antioxidants in the tree nut family.
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Apple Slices with Cinnamon

This dessert is a cinch to prepare, and it contains only 95 calories! It is also a great dessert for people with asthma due to the high concentration of quercetin found in apples. Quercetin is known to possess strong antioxidant, anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory properties.
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Chocolate Free "Chocolate" Pudding

Even if your asthma is linked to an allergy or intolerance to chocolate, you can still enjoy the irresistible sweetness and texture of a "chocolate" pudding — as long as it's made with carob, like this one! Carob flour, made from the pots of the carob tree, has a mild cocoa-like flavor but is considered hypoallergenic. In addition to carob, this pudding is rich in millet which is an excellent source of magnesium. A high intake of magnesium has been associated with a lower risk of asthma.
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Quinoa Crepes with Applesauce

Quinoa is considered one of the least allergenic of all grains, making it a great grain for people with asthma. The applesauce these crepes are served with can also be helpful: one study discovered that pregnant women who ate apples protected their child from developing asthma. Another study found that by drinking apple juice daily children could reduce their chance of suffering from wheezing by 50 percent.
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Pear Frost with Ginger

A vast body of evidence suggests that pears can provide increased protection against asthma. Also ginger is thought to aid in the treatment of asthma as it contains gingerols, strong anti-inflammatory substances that also give ginger its distinctive flavor.
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