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Vitamix vs Vacuum Blenders: Comparison

Vitamix or Vacuum Blender?

Everybody seems to be talking about vacuum blenders these days, but how do these new-generation blenders compare against Vitamix blenders? Read on to find out.

Pros of Getting a Vacuum Blender

Vacuum blenders such as the Tribest Dynapro use a completely new type of blending technology. Before each blend, the air is removed from the blending container, either through an automatic mechanism or with the help of a manual vacuum pump. As a result of the absence of oxygen in the blending container, vacuum blenders have several advantages over traditional Vitamix blenders:

  • Potentially more nutritious smoothies: Some nutrients, such as vitamin C and the fat-soluble vitamins A and E, are easily destroyed by exposure to air. Due to the lack of air in the blending container, vacuum blenders help prevent nutrient loss.
  • Bright colors and fresh flavor: The absence of oxygen in the blender container also prevents browning of fresh ingredients and protects their taste.
  • Smoothies with a longer shelf life: Some vacuum blenders also come with vacuum storage containers that allow you to store your smoothies in a vacuum, which means your homemade smoothies will keep their colors and fresh flavor in the refrigerator for longer.
  • Less foam: Smoothies, especially green smoothies made with green leafy vegetables, often turn out foamy when created in a regular high-speed blender because air gets mixed into the smoothie during blending. This problem is practically eliminated when you blend your smoothies in a vacuum.
  • Less separation: If you don't drink a smoothie made in a Vitamix soon after blending, the emulsification from the blending action starts to wear off, and the lighter components begin to float on top of the water in the smoothie. Vacuum blenders generally emulsify ingredients better, and you should notice less separation.
  • Other features: Some of the best vacuum blenders also have additional features that cater for the needs of health-conscious foodies. For example, the Tribest Dynapro vacuum blender comes with a Raw Food Temperature Indicator which lets the user know if the temperature in the container rises above 118°F (for more on this, see Vitamix vs Tribest Dynapro).

Pros of Getting a Vitamix

A good vacuum blender is a great addition to any healthy kitchen, but so is a Vitamix. Here is a list of advantages of a traditional Vitamix over a vacuum blender:

  • Leading brand: Vitamix has been manufacturing blenders since 1921, and its high-speed blenders are among the most sold high-end blenders in the US and many other countries. The company stands behind every product they make, and their blenders typically come with robust warranties.
  • Many models to choose from: Vitamix has a broad range of models available, so it is not difficult to find a Vitamix that meets your size and price requirements. That said, as vacuum blenders become more popular, you can expect to see more and more different types of vacuum blenders entering the market, including smaller and cheaper personal vacuum blenders.
  • Fast processing: High-speed Vitamix blenders are extremely fast at blending. What's more, no time will be "wasted" pumping out air from the blending container (some vacuum blenders take over a minute to get the air out of the container).
  • You can use a tamper: The classic Vitamix blenders come with a tamper which allows you to push food down onto the processing blades, making it easier to process thick, dense ingredients. By contrast, when you mix ingredients in a vacuum blender, you cannot use a tamper, or you will lose the vacuum.
  • More flexibility: When blending a drink or meal in a Vitamix, you can always stop to add ingredients if you realize your culinary creation needs a bit of this or that. When using a vacuum blender, you will lose the vacuum if you stop and open the lid.

Vitamix vs Vacuum Blenders: Differences in Price

Finally, when trying to figure out whether you should get a non-vacuum blender, such as a Vitamix, or a vacuum blender, such as Tribest's Dynapro or the Kuvings Vacuum Blender, you will also want to compare prices: