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Review: Breville Twin Paddle Bread Maker (VBM015)

Breville's Twin Paddle Breadmaker
Breville's Twin Paddle breadmaker, available through Amazon.co.uk here

The Breville Twin Paddle Bread Maker (VBM015) is packed full of features that you would only normally find on a much more expensive bread maker. In this review, we'll take a look at some of these special features, including the twin blade construction and the so-called Home Made programme, which allows you to customise the kneading, rising and baking times and temperatures to meet your own requirements and preferences. We'll also provide an overview of the other key features, plus share with you the cheapest price found on Amazon.co.uk.

Overview of Key Features

Pre-programmed cycles

The Breville Twin Paddle Bread Maker has altogether 10 pre-programmed bread and dough cycles, including:
  • White
  • White Fast Bake
  • Whole Wheat
  • Whole Wheat Fast Bake
  • Crusty White
  • Sweet Bake
  • Gluten Free
  • Cake
  • Dough
  • Pasta Dough

In addition, it has a special pre-programmed cycle for making homemade jam, as well as an Extra Bake setting which allows you to extend the baking process by an additional 10 minutes at the end of the regular baking cycle.

Customised programme

Known as the Home-Made Programme, this feature allows you to create and store your own bread making programme. Unlike many other programmable bread makers sold in the UK, the Breville Twin Paddle Bread Maker allows you to configure both the times and the temperatures of the different stages of the process. The times and temperatures can be set as follows:

  • Pre-heat: max. 60 min
  • Knead 1: max. 10 min
  • Rest period: max. 30 min
  • Knead 2: max. 30 min
  • Rise 1: max. 90 min
  • Knead 3: max. 59 min
  • Rise 2: max. 90 min
  • Knead 4: max. 59 min
  • Rise 3: max. 90 min
  • Baking: max. 90 min
  • Keep warm: max. 60 min
Temperatures (approx.)
  • Rise 1: 20°C to 50°C
  • Rise 2: 20°C to 50°C
  • Rise 3: 20°C to 50°C
  • Baking: 70°C to 160°C

Double blade construction for thorough kneading

Unlike most other breadmakers within this price range, the Breville Twin Paddle Bread Maker, as its name suggests, has two kneading blades instead of just one. The dual blade structure ensures the dough is thoroughly and evenly kneaded, which in turn helps the rising process and results in a better loaf size and texture. This is particularly important if you frequently make breads with thick dough, such as gluten-free breads.

Breville Twin Paddle - Overview of Features and Functions

Breville Twin Paddle
Number of programmes13
Customisable programmeYes
Fast bake optionYes
Bake only optionNo
Gluten-free programmeYes
Jam/compote programmeYes
Crust settings (not available on certain programmes)Light
Loaf size options (not available on certain programmes)3
Viewing windowYes
Delay start function (not available on certain programmes)Yes
Keep warm function (not available on certain programmes)Up to 1 hour
Raisin and nut dispenserNo
Number of kneading paddles2
Chepeast price found on Amazon.co.uk

Complaints / Problems

The number of recipes in the Breville Twin Paddle Bread Maker Manual is rather limited, and many reviewers on Amazon complain that the recipes in the booklet have some problems (e.g. use of excessive amounts of salt) and that getting the amounts right to produce a good loaf took some trial and error. Of course, if you are getting this machine primarily for its custom programme and plan to invent your own recipes anyways, the lack of (good) existing recipes might not be such a big problem.

Another issue that frequently comes up in the user reviews is that removing the bread from the pan seems to be exceptionally difficult with this model. Many reviewers also mention it is difficult to remove the blades from the loaf without causing damage to the loaf.

Lowest Price

To sum up this review, Breville Twin Paddle Bread Maker is one of the few bread makers available in the UK that come with dual kneading blades and a custom programme which allows you to configure both the times and temperatures. On the negative side, the manual that comes with the machine has received some negative feedback, as has the quality of the non-stick surface of the bread pan and the blades. Breville Twin Paddle Bread Maker may be available on Amazon.co.uk through several suppliers and at different prices. To view the cheapest price available, click on the link below: