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Where to Find Freezer-Safe Mason Jars

Silicone Sleeve for Mason Jars

No question about it, mason jars are one of the most versatile kitchen items. With their airtight lids, they are perfect for storing foods both in the fridge and the pantry, but did you know that you can also put some mason jars in the freezer? That's right! Some, but not all, glass mason jars are freezer-safe and can be used to freeze everything from jams and jellies to blanched vegetables and fresh berries. Freezer-safe mason jars typically have straight sides – this design allows for food expansion that occurs during the freezing process. However, not all straight-sided glass jars are freezer-safe, so always check the labels on the original packaging, or contact the manufacturer, before putting a glass jar in the freezer.

Below, we take a look at some mason jar brands and designs that have freezer-safe options available, including the popular Ball and Kerr brands, as well as mason jars with a "quilted crystal" design which adds a decorative touch to these glass jars. Now, regardless of whether you go for Ball, Kerr or quilted jars, there's one thing you should never forget if you plan to put the jars in the freezer: always leave about 1/2 inch headspace when filling the jars with foods with a high moisture content because liquid expands when frozen.

Ball Jars

Ball mason jars have been around since the late 19th century, and Ball continues to be one of the most popular mason jar brands in the US. These classic glass jars come in many sizes, and freezer-safe straight-sided versions are available in several sizes. If you like the online retailer Amazon, you can buy freezer-safe 8-oz Ball jars here, or if you need something bigger, you can buy 16-oz freezer-safe Ball jars here. As an aside, Ball's freezer-safe 16-oz wide-mouth jars are compatible with Brute Kitchen's silicone sleeves designed for mason jars, which come in handy if you want to grab a jar to go.

Kerr Jars

If you already have mason jars with the Kerr logo and you want to keep your jar arsenal streamlined, you might want to go for Kerr's freezer-safe glass jars which are available on Amazon: you can buy 8-oz freezer-safe Kerr jars here, or if you like the pint jars better, buy 16-oz freezer-safe Kerr jars here. There shouldn't be any differences in quality between Ball and Kerr jars, as they both are made by the same company, so if you don't care about the logo, pick whichever you find a better deal on.

Quilted Crystal Jars

If you're looking for freezer-safe, yet decorative mason jars and think the regular, smooth-sided Ball and Kerr jars don't fit the bill, check out Ball and Kerr's freezer-safe "Quilted Crystal" glass jars. Brimming with vintage charm, also these multi-purpose jars are available on Amazon: you can buy 4-oz Quilted Crystal jars here or if you like half-pint jars better, buy 8-oz Quilted Crystal jars here.

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