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How Long Does it Take to Cook Rice in a Pressure Cooker?

Pressure Cooking Times for Rice

Using an electric or stove-top pressure cooker to prepare rice dishes will save you a lot of time. Most types of rice cook in less than 10 minutes in a high-powered pressure cooker, and even the tougher types – such as Sweet Brown, Short-Grain Brown, Forbidden Black and wild Rice – will usually be ready in less than 25 minutes. In case the User Guide that came with your pressure cooker doesn't include a recommended approximate cooking time for your favorite type of rice, you can use the following tables as general guidelines. Note, though, that the times shown in the charts are rough estimates only – many different factors, including the rice cultivar, storage time and the model of your pressure cooker – can influence the ideal cooking time for rice.

The approximate cooking times shown in the charts below are ideal for machines that can be programmed to operate at 13 or 15 PSI (in many, but not all pressure cookers this is the 'high pressure' setting). The third column in each table shows the approximate amount of liquid you should pour to the bottom of the cooker before adding the thoroughly-rinsed rice. The amounts are shown in US cups of liquid per 1 U.S. cup of dried rice. Water is the most common liquid used, but you can also use chicken stock, beef stock, bouillon, or diluted tomato juice. Regardless of the type of liquid you use, be sure to add a tablespoon of oil or butter to the cooker pot as well – this will help reduce foaming during the cooking process. Adding salt to the cooking liquid is optional.

Important Note: When adding the dried rice and liquid to the pot, it is important not fill the cooker beyond the halfway mark, as overfilling may clog up the steam vent and/or cause excess pressure to develop in the pot.

After placing the liquid and uncooked rice in the pressure cooker, close the lid securely, and bring the cooker to high pressure. Begin timing as soon as the pressure regulator begins to rock gently. If you are using a manual stove-top pressure cooker, adjust the heat to the level needed to maintain high pressure.

After the recommended cooking time, let the pressure (and temperature) drop naturally – this is called the Natural Release Method and can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the type and model of your cooker. Once the pressure has subsided, open the lid and check if the food is done. If it's not, add water if necessary and bring the cooker back up to pressure, and cook the food a minute or two longer.

Chart: Pressure Cooking Times Different Types of Rice

Rice Where to get it Time in minutes Liquid in cups*
ArborioLook for this common risotto rice in the grain section of your favorite supermarket6 to 82
Basmati (Regular Type)White basmati rice is readily available; brown basmati is less common. Buy brown basmati from Amazon here (US residents) or here (UK residents)4 to 61 ½
Forbidden Black Rice (aka Emperor's Rice)Specialty food stores or online shops. Amazon fans can order it here (US shoppers) or here (UK residents)20 to 252 ¾
Jasmine (Thai Fragrant Rice)Available in Thai/Asian grocery stores and many large supermarkets4 to 71 ½
Long-Grain, BrownReadily available in grocery stores10 to 181 ½ to 2
Long-Grain, WhiteReadily available in grocery stores4 to 51 ½
Medium-Grain, BrownReadily available in grocery stores12 to 201 ½ to 2
Medium-Grain, WhiteReadily available in grocery stores5 to 71 ½
Parboiled / ConvertedReadily available in grocery stores6 to 81 ½
Red RiceAvailable in many health food oriented grocery stores and online stores. To buy it from Amazon, click here (US shoppers) or here (UK shoppers)7 to 92 ½
Black Japonica or MahoganyA blend of Black Japonica and Mahogany rice can be ordered through Amazon here (US) or here (UK)7 to 92 ½
Short-Grain, BrownReadily available in grocery stores12 to 201 ½ to 2
Short-Grain, White (e.g. Sushi Rice)Readily available in grocery stores6 to 81 ½
Sweet Brown RiceIn case you can't find this sticky sushi rice in your favorite supermarket, you can always order it through Amazon here (US) or here (UK)13 to 172
WehaniOrder this aromatic, reddish-brown specialty rice developed and sold by Lundberg Family Farms through Amazon here; less readily available in the UK7 to 92
Wild RiceFor small amounts: gourmet food stores; for bulk purchases, check out the prices on Amazon here (US residents) or here (UK residents)20 to 253 to 4

*Per every cup of uncooked rice

Note: The recommended cooking times are affected by external pressure. It is generally recommended that those who live at higher altitudes increase the standard cooking time by 5% for every 1,000 feet above 2,000. So, for example, if your kitchen is at 3,000 feet above sea level, you should cook wild rice for approximately 23 to 28 minutes, instead of 20 to 25 minutes.

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