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Yonanas vs Blender (or Food Processor)

Yonanas vs Blender
Yonanas Maker, available here on Amazon.

Yonanas, a contraption that turns frozen fruit into creamy, gelato-like goodness, has been gaining fans across North America. But do you really need to buy Yonanas to be able to make healthy, 100% fruit-based frozen desserts? The simple answer is no – you can also puree frozen fruit using a high-powered food processor or blender such as the VitaMix. However, there may be some pros to using Yonanas, as opposed to a food processor or blender, especially if you have kids. To learn more, keep reading.

Can you Make Yonanas in a Blender or Food Processor?

Yonanas are defined as fruity, ice cream like frozen treats made with the Yonanas Maker, a quirky kitchen gadget created by Healthy Foods LLC, so in the strictest sense, you cannot make Yonanas with anything else but the original Yonanas Maker. That said, foodies have been making 100% fruit-based mock ice cream in blenders and food processors for years before the Yonanas Maker hit the shelves.

However, according to Healthy Foods LLC, you won't be able to achieve the same smooth, ice cream like texture with a food processor or blender because unlike the Yonanas Maker, which squashes the fruit, food processors and blenders shred the fruit. What's more, a blender might not be able to process the fruit unless you add at least some liquid, which in turn means that your frozen treat may end up looking and feeling more like a smoothie than ice cream.

With all that said, ideal consistency is always a question of individual taste, and there are tons of people who feel the consistency of their mock-yonanas made in a blender or food processor is just perfect. So, if you already have a high-powered blender or food processor that can handle pieces of frozen bananas and other frozen fruits and berries, go ahead and see if your machine is able to process them into soft serve that's creamy enough for your taste. If not, you might want to consider getting the Yonanas Maker.

Pureed Fruit Can Be Hard to Scoop Out of a Blender

If you've ever tried to make mock yonanas in a blender, you probably already know how tricky it can be to transfer all that thick, sticky mixture into a serving bowl (without leaving a significant amount of that creamy goodness on the walls and bottom of the blender). By contrast, the Yonanas Maker will extrude your soft-serve dessert directly into the serving bowl, so all you need to do is get a spoon and start eating. And, when it's time to clean up the machine, you can simply remove the chute, plunger and blade and pop them on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Using Yonanas Only Takes a Few Seconds

Another advantage of the Yonanas Maker over blenders and food processors is that your frozen dessert will be ready in seconds (provided, of course, that you have frozen the bananas and other fruits you plan to use beforehand). To make yonanas, all you have to do is feed pieces of frozen, slightly thawed fruit into the chute, and the machine will almost immediately start extruding fruity soft serve from the other end. With a food processor or blender, the process of creating smooth, creamy frozen fruit desserts can take up to a minute, or even longer.

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Yonanas is Safer Than a Food Processor

If you have kids, Yonanas has yet another advantage over blenders and food processors: its squashing mechanism is enclosed in the machine, so kids won't have easy access to it. Food processors, on the other hand, come with big sharp blades that can cause serious injuries to little (and bigger) fingers if not handled properly. What's more, if you forget to close the lid before turning on a food processor, you may end up with a huge mess in your kitchen.

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